Mui Lau

"I graduated from Sumner Academy of Arts & Science in 2008 and from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2013 with degrees in biology and chemistry. In the coming years, I will pursue a further degree at California Northstate University College of Pharmacy.

The KU TRIO Talent Search program is more than just a college preparatory program to help potential first-generation students pursue higher education. Beginning in my sixth-grade year and continuing through high school, the program provided a support system that helped to keep me on track to achieve my goals. In addition, it also gave me opportunities to experience college life through summer programs like Career Horizon and Discover Technology.

Through KU TRIO Talent Search, I visited different colleges, attended workshops, learned about different careers, and received support in applying for scholarships. The program’s great services helped me realize and develop characteristics that will help me in the future, such as perseverance, determination, and open-mindedness.

I would strongly encourage middle-school students to join the KU TRIO Talent Search program. Not only will they receive the support, guidance, and assistance the program provides, but they will also experience a positive impact on their lives."


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