Melissa Villalobos

"As a student in the program, my favorite memory was participating in the 2002 Career Horizons summer program. Although I don't recall specific moments during that intensive week, I carry with me a strong impression of the positive and fun environment, interesting classes, and making friends. Many of the friends I made during that week are still my friends to this day.

Although KU Talent Search helped me significantly during middle and high school, it was not until I began working for the program that I truly became aware of just how much KU Talent Search has helped me as a student and as a mentor. Working for KU Talent Search and experiencing the other side of the coin has definitely shaped me into who I am today. The experience has humbled me and inspired me to make a difference in the lives of young people. I want to continue to serve potentially at-risk youth, but in clinical and social settings."


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