KU Science Academy

Photo: A KU Talent Search participant looks through binoculars during the 2011 KU Science Academy at Wyandotte County Lake.

Each year the KU Science Academy provides a small group of 7th graders, who participated in the Career Horizons program, with the opportunity to participate in a monthly program held at Wyandotte County Lake at the F.L. Schlagle Environmental Library. The program began in 2008 in partnership with the F.L. Schlagle Library, which functions as an environmental learning center.

The KU Science Academy strives to:

  • Educate youth about environmental science using the expertise and experience of geological and biological scientists, educational specialists, and UKanTeach college students.
  • Engage youth in hands-on science activities by participating in field work and research.
  • Encourage youth to become excited about science and increase students’ interests in related fields.

Examples of KU Science Academy activities:

  • Water sampling
  • Archery and star lab
  • GPS exploration
  • Bug sampling and analysis

    "Science Academy introduced a whole new curriculum to me. It was very interesting having a hands-on learning experience. It helped me understand that our environment is truly essential to   our daily lives." —KU Science Academy Participant